Tasbeeh Pronunciation

Many people have been seen and heard to mispronounce this word. Today we will teach you how this word should actually sound and what is the correct way to pronounce it.

To pronounce it correctly, we are going to break it into syllables first. There are two syllables in this word tas and beeh. So firstly, let us take the first syllable.

This part has to be pronounced as tus, just the way “dust” sounds. The word should sound similar to the sound of du in the dust. For the T, it should not sound thick. Do not produce the sound from your upper gum, but try to make the sound by placing your tongue in the middle of your upper incisors.

For the second part, there is not much complexity. You have to pronounce this the same as the word bee, but you have to give a hint of the letter h at the end, as the spellings indicate.