Tasbeeh Fatima

The tasbeeh of Fatima or also known as the Tasbih Al-Zahra is the commonest of tasbeehs to be recited. This is the tasbeeh that is recited after each prayer. There are mainly three words that we use in it, and the repetitions are 33 for 2 and 34 for one.

The words recited are Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, and Allah hu Akbar. While the first two are recited 33 times, the third is recited 34 times.

Benefits of Tasbeeh Fatima

In many verses of the Quran and numerous authentic hadith, it is mentioned that on the day of judgment, those who remembered Allah and were obedient to Him will find their way to Jannah.

Even the Holy Prophet PBUH himself said to Hazrat Fatima that shall I not tell you something which is better than a servant and even better than anything that is in this world? And Then he said Hazrat Fatima this tasbeeh (Kanzul Ummal v2 p 57).

So how can there be no significant benefit of something that the Holy Prophet PBUH himself emphasized so much upon? We should undoubtedly recite this after every prayer and make this a part of our routine.