Tasbeeh Counter and Tasbeeh Beads

There are various ways through which you can keep track of the number of times you have read or recited the zikr. One way is to use the tasbeeh beads. These are beads made out of several different materials and attached to a thread which is then tied and enclosed with a piece of the same material.

One way is to download tasbeeh counter mobile or get a digital tasbeeh counter for pc. This way, you can press a button, and there will be an increment in the counting. This is a pretty good option, but the problem with this is that you might press it more than once.

Or you might press it unknowingly, and it might spoil the counting and the numbering track of your tasbeeh.

Another way is to use digital tasbeeh. There are many variations in it, but the one we are offering has advanced tasbeeh counter software and gives you the same feel as of the traditional tasbeeh beads you can easily buy tasbeeh online UK or from any part of the world.

A hole in the center will allow you to place your finger inside to hold, and the dial of beads fixed on the outer side will enable you to rotate them, and with each bead that moves from top to bottom, there is an increment in the digital counter.