Tasbeeh After Every Namaz

You must recite the tasbeeh after every namaz. This would not only provide you with enlightenment in this world but will also cause the betterment of your afterlife.

Furthermore, this also emphasizes the importance of namaz in the life of a Muslim. One should offer the five obligatory prayers with consistency and make sure that no prayer is left out.

The primary question on the day of judgment will be about namaz; they say that namaz saves you from all sins. Once you get your namaz right, other positive things will follow suit. So make sure to offer prayers five times a day and recite the tasbeeh of Fatima after every prayer.

If possible, make sure that you recite the Taraweeh tasbeeh as well. As we know that this is the month of Ramadan, we should not waste it in unnecessary occupancies but should get the most out of it with prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Make sure that you recite the tasbeeh of Fatima, which is the best tasbeeh and others after you offer your Taraweeh prayers. Allah Almighty has gifted us the Taraweeh as additional prayers of Ramadan, and we should make the most from them and recite the tasbeeh after prayer.