We Automatically detect courier based on tracking number format. Please enter your tracking number given to you below. For all orders before 1st March 2019, Please use “Shipping method 1” and for all orders after 1st March 2019, Please use “Shipping Method 2” If you haven’t received a tracking number yet, please contact¬†us @ sales@tasbeeh.pk

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you aren’t able to track your order that means either the order status is “delivered” or it is still in transit. Do not be panicked, your item will be arriving at your mentioned address soon. Sometimes due to high demand, tracking numbers also might fail to work correctly, but we assure you that your item is on your way. We thank you for your patience

Shipping Method 1 : Example : LN15891299612


Shipping Method 2 : Example : 306105097228